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Wayne Coleman

Tell us about yourself
Hi, I’m Wayne from Cork. I have recently completed my Bachelor of Science with concurrent Bachelor of Education in Science Education from University College Cork. I have specialised to become a teacher of Science, Biology, & Chemistry.
I applied to the STInt Programme because...

I believe that this would be a great opportunity for me to work with qualified people in a STEM industry and gain context and insight into the industry that I will be motivating and inspiring students to enter. I believe it will be beneficial for my personal development as an educator, allow me to make contacts that could enhance students’ education. I am confident my skillset can make a significant contribution to the goals of the STInt hosts.

STInt host

VistaMilk is an SFI research centre which represents a unique collaboration between Agri Food and information communications technology (ICT) research institutes and leading  Irish/multinational food and ICT companies. VistaMilk is funded by Science Foundation  Ireland (SFI) and the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine. VistaMilk has been  operating since September 2018. There are over 110 funded staff and researchers in  VistaMilk. We have a 7 research partners who include Teagasc (who are the host institute),  The Walton Institute (WIT), Insight@UCD, Insight@DCU, Insight@NUIG, and Tyndall Institute  (UCC) and the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF).

Wayne Coleman
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