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STEM Teacher Internship Programme

The STEM Teacher Internship (STInt) Programme is national programme, to provide primary & post primary teachers with paid summer internships, in STEM roles, in a wide variety of industries across Ireland. STInt provides internships to pre-service and in-service teachers by working closely with industry partners to advertise their STEM roles. The STInt team also collaborate with university partners to attract suitable candidates to the programme.

Since 2016, STInt has provided 247 Internships for pre-service and early career primary and secondary teachers in a range of companies across Ireland. The feedback from our teachers is overwhelmingly positive, with STInt interns reporting new skills, confidence in STEM-related topics and emerging technology, and a deeper understanding of the vast range of career types and trajectories associated with STInt hosts.
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More than 50 companies around Ireland have hosted a STEM Teacher Intern. The STInt host companies are in a wide veriety of industries including tehnology, pharmaceuticals, medtech, finance, consulting, energy, agriculture, astrology and telecommunications.
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