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STInt Learning

Course Overview

This module, the STEM Teacher Internship (STInt) Programme, aims to expand and augment pre-service and early career teachers’ understanding of the broader scope and application of their subject areas, in industry and the financial services sectors, over a twelve week period during the summer period. It also provides new knowledge of and insight into a wide variety of careers in a STEM related work environment. Through reflection on their experiences, the participants increase the breadth and depth of understanding of integrated STEM education and the real-world contexts that support them in designing innovative learning experiences for both inside and outside the STEM classroom.

Learning Objectives

This module offers pre-service and early career teachers the opportunity to engage with a programme of professional development, the purpose of which is to support them to develop their understanding of STEM in a real-world context, the many associated career opportunities while honing their subject ambassadorial roles skills. Through their placement and reflective practice, they will, in addition, enhance their transversal skills, such as critical thinking, creativity, leadership, communication, collaboration, digital and data literacy, as well as project management skills.  Students are supported to reflect on their learning over the course of the internship process and experience The knowledge and skills gained during the STInt programme progresses the teachers own self-development as innovative professional practitioners with a commitment to lifelong learning while also enhancing their confidence as advocates and role models for STEM. 

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module the learner will be able to:

  • Understand the mission and purpose of the host organisation.
  • Critically evaluate their role in the organisation as a STEM teacher and reflect on their contribution to the host company.
  •  Identify the STEM competences and scientific/mathematical (or subject specific) literacy developed during their internship placement, including capacity developed to demonstrate more meaningful connections between school based curriculum and real life applications.
  • Describe and communicate awareness of STEM career pathways and the role of STEM in societal change.
  • Apply new knowledge of collaboration and collegiality in their school settings to foster and share cross-curricular knowledge.
  • Critically discuss evidence of learning as related to STEM education and their ability to design and communicate integrated STEM learning experiences for students.


Learners will be assessed by the STEM Teacher Internship Programme team based on the following submissions as part of their professional portfolio:

  • A professional Curriculum vitae and application form.
  • Participation in a professional interview.
  • Engagement in an internship placement with their host organisation.
  • Critical reflections at three key phases during their internship that includes
    • Professional initial meeting with host company.
    • Professional whole group immersive learning day.
    • Post Placement reflection piece on their internship placement.
  • Production of a short video reflecting on their STEM Teacher Internship experience
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