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STInt Host FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Hosts

Why should we participate?

STInt host companies benefit from enthusiastic, skilled and professional pre-service teachers. Participating in this programme will;

  • Add to your organisation’s diversity and inclusion
  • Bring a fresh perspective to projects
  • Allow your organisation to reach the future workforce through relationships built with teachers
  • Support the long-term mission to create a more gender-balanced workforce in Ireland.

How does the process work?

  1. We invite companies to register with us here 
  2. The host company submits a job spec for the available role(s)
  3. DCU will match you with your candidate based on suitability and try to accommodate any additional requests you may have
  4. We encourage candidates and companies to make contact after they are matched
  5. Companies confirm their matched candidate & candidate is informed
  6. There is an informal meet and greet in April 2022 where the candidate and host will meet ahead of starting the internship in June.

Do we need to commit to a certain contract duration?

Ideally we ask all companies to offer a 12 week internship. However, we are happy to talk further about this and work around the company’s needs.

Are there set start and end dates?

No, the exact dates will be agreed between the intern and the company. Typically, internships are between the end of May and start of September. 

How many interns can we hire?

There is no limit to the number of interns you can hire. 

Can we request an intern with specific experience? e.g. majors in Biology

Yes, please include any requests in your application and we will do our best to accommodate.

What kind of work can we assign to the intern?

The STInt Programme is a chance to give pre-service teachers experience in STEM roles. We ask that the work they are assigned is STEM focused, as much as possible. Please find some examples of previous roles carried out by the interns here.

What if we would like a different candidate?

DCU strives to ensure the match will be a good fit for both candidate and company. However, should you wish to be matched with a different candidate this will be facilitated by DCU.

Is there someone in industry I can talk to about the STInt programme?

Yes, we have industry liaison partners. Please get in contact with us and we will put you in touch.

Our company does not have an internship programme, is this an issue?

No, the STInt team is here to support the companies with advice and information on how to host an intern. STInt interns can join your company by themselves, without an ongoing programme in place.

What is the timeline for 2022?

Please click here to view the 2022 timeline 

Our teams are working from home, can we still join the programme?

Yes! We had 8 companies host 16 interns in 2020 and 25 companies host 25 interns in 2021, all completely remotely. Contact the STInt team to find out more about remote internships.

We have offices outside Dublin – are there interns available?

Yes, please provide details of your location when submitting your job description and we will endeavour to match a suitable intern. 

What is the company expected to provide to the intern?

We would ask that the Host Company provides anything that any other intern would receive Eg laptop, support contact, training 


For any additional questions, please contact the STInt team at

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