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STInt Intern FAQ & Application Guidelines

STInt Internship – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can apply for the STInt Programme?
A: Any pre-service teacher in their final or penultimate year of study in DCU completing a pre-service teacher education programme with a STEM specialism – including:

  • Bachelor of Science (BSc) Science Education
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc) Physical Education with Biology/Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Education (BEd) Primary with STEM specialism subject (i.e.  Digital Learning, Mathematics Education, Science Education)
  • Professional Masters in Education (PME) with a STEM specialism subject in your undergraduate degree.
  • Professional Masters in Education Primary (PMEP) primary with a STEM specialism subject in your undergraduate degree.

Any pre-service teacher in their fourth or fifth year of study in Maynooth University completing the BSc/MSc Science (Science Education) with a specialism in Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Mathematics.

Any pre-service teacher in their fourth or fifth year of study in University College Dublin completing the 

  • BSc/MSc Physics, Mathematics & Education
  • BSc/MSc Chemistry, Mathematics & Education
  • BSc/MSc Applied Mathematics, Mathematics & Education
  • BSc/MSc Biology, Mathematics & Education

Q: I am completing the BEd in DCU to become a primary teacher but I am not a specialist in STEM – can I still apply?
A: Unfortunately, no – this programme is reserved for those taking science, mathematics or digital learning as a major specialism in years 3 and 4.

Q: If I apply, am I guaranteed an internship?
A: While we strive to accommodate every applicant, an application is not a guarantee of an internship. Due to the fact that some companies will not return to their physical locations until after summer 2021, there may be a reduction in the number of in-person internships available, and in some cases interns will be offered a virtual or hybrid (part remote, part onsite) internship for 2021. If the STInt Programme is oversubscribed, allocation of places will be based on the interviews held by the STInt Programme Team.

Q: Will I be paid a salary during my internship?
A: Yes. Internship salaries may very between host organisations, as they are set by the host organisation and not by STInt.  This income will be subject to standard taxes and charges. You will also be eligible for annual leave and other benefits as offered by your host company.

Q: How do I prepare a CV?
A: Remember you are applying for a STEM role in a company, and not in a school, so your CV will need to be adjusted. Please follow the guidelines on this page (below the FAQ section) to complete your CV.

Q: How many days off am I entitled to during the internship?
A: Over a 12 week period you will be entitled to annual leave of approximately 5 days. This may vary from company to company and is something you will discuss and confirm dates with your manager when you start your internship. 

Q: When will the internship start and end?
A: The internships usually start at the beginning of June and end 12 weeks after this. Some internships start slightly earlier than this. Once you have been placed with a host company, you will liaise with them to discuss and agree start and end dates that suit both you and the company.

Q: What is expected of me?
A: You are expected to engage with the DCU STInt Programme Office in advance of, throughout and after your internship. You will participate in networking and specially designed professional development opportunities which will enhance the transferability of your STEM Teacher Internship experience to your classroom practice. You will also be expected to provide feedback and  contribute to ongoing academic research which evaluates the effectiveness and impact of the programme.
You are expected to complete the full internship and be available for work (either remote or on-site) during the expected hours as set out by your line manager of your STInt host organisation. You may be requested to do some hours outside of normal office hours to attend special events and you may be entitled to time off in lieu as a result – this will be upon agreement with your line manager. 

Q: What is the programme timeline?
A: Click here to view the 2022 timeline.

Q: Do I have to be present for the full 12 weeks?
A: You are expected to complete the full 12 weeks of the internship. If, for some reason, you will not be available for all of the 12 weeks, please contact the STInt Programme office on in advance of the application closing date to discuss your specific case.

Q: What kind of work will I be doing?
A: There are a variety of companies involved in the STInt Programme, covering a range of areas including consultancy, finance, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, telecommunications, utility services, gaming, software development and engineering. Each company has provided a job description for their 2022 internships, available here. It may also be useful to read the testimonials from previous STEM interns here.

In general, you will be integrated into a team within the company, given training and induction in a specific area of company activity, and asked to contribute towards a team project. No prior knowledge of the company or the sector is required – all training will be provided by your host company. In the application form, you will be able to indicate your preferred companies and location. We will then endeavour to match interns and their preferred companies where possible.

Q: Will this programme count towards credits in my university degree programme?
A: Participation in this programme is on a voluntary basis and does not count towards credits in your university degree programme. 

Q: Will I have to do an interview with the company?
A: You will not be required to do a formal interview with the host company. However, you WILL be required to interview with the DCU STInt Programme team. If you are successful at interview stage, you will be matched with a host company. You will then arrange an initial phone or video call with your line manager in advance of starting the internship to discuss your role.

Q: Will there be other interns in the host company?
A: This varies from company to company. Some companies have interns working year round and they will be there when you start. In other cases, companies have a set start date for all summer interns and you start at the same time or you may be the only intern starting at that time. Companies are encouraged to take on more than one STInt intern, and if this is the case you will be introduced to one another in advance of the programme starting. 

Q: Will I meet other interns participating in the STInt Programme?
A: Yes. You can expect to meet other interns on multiple occasions throughout the programme. The STInt Programme team will arrange professional learning and social opportunities for all STInt Interns throughout the summer, and there will be a closing event for the programme at the end of the summer. We have also created an online community of practice which enables STInt Alumni to stay in touch after the programme has ended.

Q: Can I remain in contact with the company after my internship is completed? 
A: We hope so! The aim is for teachers to develop a long-term relationship with host companies. Suggestions of follow on activities include inviting representatives of the company to meet your future students and to act as inspiring role models for your students. You may also want to participate with your students in other programmes sponsored by the company.

Q: I am worried that I might have to resit exams this summer and they will fall during the 12 week internship. Can I still apply?
A: Yes. Please contact the STEM Teacher Internship Programme office on in advance of the application closing date to discuss your specific details. In the past companies have supported students that had to resit exams in August. This will need to be discussed with your line manager about managing your annual leave and/or your start and end dates.

Q: I have already booked a holiday this summer. Can I still apply?
A: Yes. Please contact the STEM Teacher Internship Programme office on in advance of the application closing date to discuss your specific case.

Q: I have never worked in industry before and I’m worried I will be out of my depth in a STEM internship. Should I still apply?
A: Yes. These internships are aimed specifically for pre-service STEM teachers of primary or post-primary level. No prior knowledge of the industry is expected, and all relevant training will be provided. The key components for success are enthusiasm, motivation and a willingness to learn and collaborate with others. Advice from a number of our previous interns echoed the same core messages – give it your all, as what you get out of this experience will depend on what you put in, and push yourself to try new challenges, as you will be surprised at what you can achieve! 

Q: I was planning to spend the summer at home rather than in Dublin/Maynooth. Will there be STEM internships available near my home? Will I still have to come to DCU for meetings?
A: Please let us know your preferred location in your application form, and if your application is successful, we will endeavour to match you with a company in your locality. Please select “virtual /work from home” in the location question if you are open to a virtual internship, which you will be able to carry out from any location.
Meetings with the DCU team may be held online or in person, in line with the latest Covid restrictions. If allowing, we will hold in-person events at DCU.

Q: I am worried that a virtual internship will not be meaningful or worthwhile – if I get a virtual internship, what kind of work will I be doing and how will I bond with team members and fellow interns?
A: At this stage, companies are well set up to on-board new staff to work completely remotely. Companies have procedures in place to ensure interns have all the online access they need to carry out their duties, including communicating with other team members, participating in professional training and development opportunities  and attending virtual social events. Your job will generally be carried out on a laptop, which will be provided by the company and will include  all relevant software and applications, e.g. video meetings and digital collaboration platforms. 

In response to Covid-19, the STEM Teacher Internship Programme has now completed two years of supporting interns that are working remotely. We have incorporated feedback from the 2020 and 2021 cohorts of 61 remote-working STEM Teacher Interns and their host companies to improve the experience and to ensure that remote-working internships are beneficial to all participants.

Q: Do I have to complete any tasks before the end of my internship?
A: Yes. You must create a short (maximum 2-minute) video that explains your role in the company, any project that you contributed to and reflects on your experience of a STEM Teacher Internship. You will create this video during your internship with the support of your host organisation, and the deadline for submission will be prior to the end date of your internship. You will need to liaise with your line manager to seek their approval for publicly sharing this video on the STEM Teacher Internship website. See here for examples from 2020 and 2021 STInt Interns.

Q: Do I have to complete any tasks after the end of my internship?
A: Yes. You will be expected to provide feedback and participate in a focus group interview which will contribute to the evaluation of the STInt Programme.

Q: This sounds great! How do I apply?
A: You apply for the STInt Programme by clicking “Apply Now” (when applications open in 2022) and remember to submit your full application in advance of the deadline. The STInt Programme team in DCU will process your application. If successful at that stage, you will be contacted for an interview. 

Q: I have a further question about the programme, who do I contact?
A: Please contact the STInt Programme team at
Contact details for individual team members are listed here.  

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