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Rachel O'Dwyer

Tell us about yourself
Hi, I’m Rachel and I’m from County Cavan. I have recently graduated from my Bachelor of Science in Science Education at Dublin City University. My specialism subjects are Mathematics and Physics.
I applied to the STInt Programme because...

I wanted to get hands-on experience and insight into the STEM industry to be able to share with my students and hopefully inspire them to pursue STEM careers. I also wanted to develop new skills that I can hopefully incorporate into the classroom.

Tell us about your STInt in Industry

During my STInt in Deloitte, I worked in Cloud and Engineering consulting. In this time, I was exposed to many different teams to gain a good insight into the varied projects and clients that Deloitte works with. Cloud and Engineering consulting focuses on helping organisations and companies to both make the move from on-site data storage to the cloud as well as designing systems and software for them to elevate how they deliver their online services. Two of the main projects I worked on were with large public sector clients; one team was working to help the client to develop digital platforms and deliver I.T. services and the other was a team which provided programme and project management services to ensure a smooth implementation of a major public development. I have learned a lot about collaborating to figure out problems which is essential for learning and problem solving. I intend to use this in my classroom as much as possible. My newfound project management
skills will be very helpful in my planning as a teacher.

STInt host

At Deloitte, it’s our people who make us succeed. We value you and everything you can bring to our business.

Technology is all-encompassing, and it is growing exponentially. This is forcing business change at a faster rate than  ever before and leading to tough questions: “How can we establish a digital presence with our tech-savvy  customers?”, “What consideration should we be giving to cloud computing?”, “How can we best integrate our legacy  and modern systems?”

Navigating the pitfalls and complexities of these questions requires a measured combination of technical expertise  and management capability – this is where Deloitte’s Technology Consultants step in. We work alongside our clients  to help bridge the gap between their business needs and technology requirements, and ultimately deliver  technology solutions that meet their most pressing demands.

Rachel O'Dwyer
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