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Cathleen Vesey

Tell us about yourself

Hello, I’m Cathleen! I’m studying for my Bachelor of Education in Primary Teacher Education at Dublin City University. My specialism is Digital Learning.

I applied to the STInt Programme because...

I really hope to broaden my knowledge to help me become the best teacher that I can be by developing my knowledge further. I also hope to develop new skills within a STEM industry.

Tell us about your STInt in Industry

During my internship at AIB I got to work in Digital Resistance as part of the Cyber Security Awareness team. The aim of this team is to teach and educate other employees on how best to protect themselves online by identifying different online threats while also reporting them. My team did this in a number of ways with some including creating info mails and creating digital displays.

STInt host

At AIB, we understand that the world of banking is changing, and new technology is making that happen. Our  technology is at the centre of our ambition to be the leading digital bank and we want to be recognised as having the best technology function of any bank in Europe.

Our teams work hard to drive the engine of AIB. They deliver change that is customer focused and helping us  achieve our ambition of becoming a leading consumer brand. We are evolving our technology so our customers  can engage with us in ways and at times that suit them.

Cathleen Vesey
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