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Shane vesey

Tell us about yourself

My name is Shane Vesey, I am an undergraduate student teacher completing the Bachelor of Science (with Education) degree in Maynooth University. I am extremely passionate about the education of young people.

From this internship I hope to gain experience of working within Irish industry, and gain a knowledge and insight into the practical skills required to flourish in stem based companies in todays world.

I applied to the STInt Programme because...

This internship programme offers STEM teachers the opportunity to adopt an innovative mindset in a collaborative and hands on role. The programme provides the chance to work effectively in a team based environment while gaining the key insights and knowledge relevant for flourishing in Industry today.

The opportunities granted by the STEM Teacher internship programme provides teachers with the ability to share this knowledge with future students, allowing them to gain a clearer idea on the relevance their subject discipline has in industry. 

Shane Vesey
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