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Sarah Jane Brady

Tell us about yourself

My name is Sarah Jane Brady. I am a final year student in the Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and Biology student in Dublin City University, hoping to become a post-primary teacher next year. I am originally from Cork and I love all things Science! I have strong communication and problem-solving skills from my previous experience as a DCU Student Ambassador, Person in Charge (PIC) with Smiggle Ireland and my experience teaching Biology, Science and Physical Education in post-primary schools.

I applied to the STInt Programme because...

I would love the incredible opportunity to complete an internship to gain an in-depth learning experience within the STEM industry. I am incredibly passionate about learning and working in STEM is something I have always wanted to do since my first mini science experiment in primary school.

Undertaking this internship would be an invaluable experience for me to further develop my skills, understand how the content of my degree in applied in the workforce and enhance any lessons I teach in the future and hopefully enhance the learning experience of any of my future students.

STInt Host...

Simply Blue Group, headquartered in Cork, Ireland, is a leading blue economy developer focused on replacing fossil fuels with clean ocean energy. It develops pioneering blue economy projects – floating offshore wind, e-Fuels, wave energy and low-impact aquaculture – all in harmony with the oceans. The company has a pipeline of over 10GW of floating offshore wind projects across the globe. Simply Blue Group is committed to creating new economic opportunities for coastal communities, and developing projects that co-exist with sustainable fisheries and marine conservation. With a passionate team of over 100 people, Simply Blue Group has offices in Cork, Dublin, Newquay, Pembrokeshire, Edinburgh, Bilbao, Oregon and Nova Scotia.

Sarah Jane Brady
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