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Sarah Meehan

Tell us about yourself

Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m from Wexford! I am currently in my third year of studying for a Bachelor of Science Education at the University College Cork. My subject specialism is Biology. From this internship, I hope to learn invaluable knowledge from some of the biggest industries in Ireland, that I can bring back into the classroom with me in my future career. 

I applied to the STInt Programme because...

I feel like knowledge like this would be priceless when trying to get students involved and interested in a lesson. By having this extended knowledge of real industries in Ireland, I can make a lesson more life-like and relatable for students.

I hope to build new connections and learn new skills by participating in this internship, as well as inspiring my students to go into a career in STEM. I hope these connections will be lifelong contacts in these Irish companies, that I could even get into my schools to speak with students about careers in STEM.

STInt Host...

ESB is Ireland’s foremost energy company. We have been supplying power to industry, communities and individuals for 90 years. Through innovation, expertise and investment, we are leading the way in developing smart and sustainable energy systems to meet the demands of modern life, both at home and overseas, making us a vital part of building a brighter, more sustainable future.

At ESB, we believe that electricity is an enabler of societal and economic well-being and that every citizen should have access to secure, sustainable and affordable electricity supplies.  We are harnessing all our resources for a brighter future, investing in our people and working collaboratively with partners to enhance the lives of our customers, drive economic progress and bring about a more sustainable future.

Sarah Meehan
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