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Sarah Meehan

Tell us about yourself

Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m from Wexford! I am currently in my third year of studying for a Bachelor of Science Education at the University College Cork. My subject specialism is Biology. From this internship, I hope to learn invaluable knowledge from some of the biggest industries in Ireland, that I can bring back into the classroom with me in my future career. 

I applied to the STInt Programme because...

I feel like knowledge like this would be priceless when trying to get students involved and interested in a lesson. By having this extended knowledge of real industries in Ireland, I can make a lesson more life-like and relatable for students.

I hope to build new connections and learn new skills by participating in this internship, as well as inspiring my students to go into a career in STEM. I hope these connections will be lifelong contacts in these Irish companies, that I could even get into my schools to speak with students about careers in STEM.

Sarah Meehan
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