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Simply Blue Group

Host Introduction

Simply Blue Group is an Irish Company with a head office based in Cork, but with offices throughout Ireland, UK and the US.

We work with the ocean to develop blue growth strategies globally and fight climate change.

We are part of a global movement, focussed on replacing fossil fuels with clean ocean energy and developing sustainable sources of protein, while developing coastal economies with new projects and investment in happy co-existence.

This enables us to focus on future generations, create a sustainable future and be a good ancestor.

We are a growing team and currently have about 60 people working across our projects.

STEM Teacher Intern Role

This role will support both the Consenting and Stakeholder Liaison teams within Simply Blue Group. Currently Simply Blue Group are progressing 2 significant offshore renewable energy projects focusing on Floating Wind Technologies off the south and west coasts of Ireland. The projects are being progressed in partnership with Shell. The websites for these projects can be viewed here:
1. Emerald: A 1.3 GW floating offshore wind project 35KM off the South coast of Co. Cork, planned to be

located at the site of the former Kinsale gas field.

2. Western Star: A floating offshore wind project 35KM off the West coast of Co. Clare:

The main focus of the role will be to support the Consenting Team and Stakeholder Liaison Officer in preparing for and rolling out public consultation activities related to the scoping report which will inform the development of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for each project. The scoping report sets out the initial details of the planned project and the potential environmental impacts that will be addressed during the EIA process. A significant outcome of the scoping report process is the public consultation engagement on it. It is anticipated that the candidate will be primarily engaged in the following activities:

• Planning and organizing detailed scientific information into user friendly formats (eg leaflets; display boards; presentations; online forums)
• Co-ordinating events for project team to meet with the public and relevant authorities
• Communicating the detail of the scoping report, in association with our Consenting and Stakeholder Liaison team, to our stakeholders as may be required.
• Compiling feedback from events and forums online; distilling responses and proposing updates for the projects
• Supporting the team to plan next steps for EIA
• Supporting the team in developing complementary research projects to support data collection in 2023
• Carrying out desk-based research and/or literature reviews on potential data collection strategies or novel research techniques.

There may be opportunities to travel within Ireland as part of the role. Travel costs will be covered by the company.

Participating Years


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