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Shane Gallagher

Tell us about yourself

My name is Shane Gallagher and I am currently study at Trinity College Dublin. I am completing my Professional Masters of Education. I completed a Bachelors of Biotechnology at Maynooth University previously. My specialism subjects are Biology, Chemistry and Science.

I really hope to gain a hands on experience from industry that will improve my teaching by giving new insights and knowledge to my specializations. I have had experience working within a lab briefly after my undergraduate degree and I am hoping to add to that experience to improve me as a teacher and to also improve my students learning

I applied to the STInt Programme because...

I am applying for the STEM Teacher Internship programme because I want to elevate myself as a teacher and my lessons for my students. I think by taking part in this internship I will gain more real world context to a lot of the material that I have studied. I also feel I will be able to prepare my students better for when they go to college or go into the workforce. I am hoping it will inspire me to be more innovative my lessons and that I will be able to take what I have learned from this internship and apply it throughout my teaching career.

STInt Host...

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Shane Gallagher
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