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Olivia Diamond

Tell us about yourself

My name is Olivia Diamond and I am a final year Bachelor of Education student studying at Dublin City Universities, Institute of Education. My specialism is Digital Learning. I pride myself on being a dedicated and versatile professional with a strong track record of success in various roles. I strive to adapt to meet the needs of different learning styles to inspire and motivate young learners in the classroom. I am hoping to gain valuable learning experiences and challenge myself by taking part in the STInt Programme.

I applied to the STInt Programme because...

During my time at Dublin City University, my Digital Learning specialism and module lecturers spoke fondly and enthusiastically about the wonderful opportunities and experiences I could gain from participating in the STInt programme. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time engaging with my Digital Learning modules and want to share this learning further afield through new working opportunities.

I have always wondered what it would be like to work and collaborate in a place other than the primary classroom and this programme promises the perfect opportunity to do so. Having completed my research about the internship hosts, I’m very excited to engage with new challenges and learn from new perspectives while undertaking a summer placement.

Olivia Diamond
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