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Orla Daly

Tell us about yourself

My name is Orla. I am a first year student in the Professional Masters of Education Programme in the University of Galway, studying to become a Science, Biology and Agricultural Science teacher. I have a huge interest in science and hope to be able to promote a passion for science in my classes. Through the STInt programme, I hope to gain a lot of insight into the STEM industry to bring back to my students. By gaining more experience, I will be able to better advise them on the diverse and exciting opportunities in this field.

I applied to the STInt Programme because...

Experience is key to learning and broadening my perspectives. To be the best teacher, I believe that the more experiences I am exposed to the better. As a science teacher, the concept of science capital, relating science to the real world, is crucial in the classroom. Completing an internship in industry will be so beneficial to expand my experience and deepen my pool of knowledge to bring back to the classroom and help the students build science capital.

This is also a very unique and exciting opportunity that is attractive on both a personal and career level. I feel I would be missing out on a valuable adventure if I did not apply.

Orla Daly
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