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Patricia Dunne

Tell us about yourself

Hi! My name is Patricia Dunne and I am from Co. Carlow. I am in my final year of my Bachelor of Education degree in Dublin City University. I am currently doing Geography as my specialism. I love doing this specialism as it has unlimited opportunities for children and because of this I want to participate in this STEM Internship programme.

I want to learn new skills that I can take back into my future classrooms to help children understand STEM and the importance this has in our lives. I hope this internship can provide me with new information to help me develop as a more rounded teacher.

I applied to the STInt Programme because...

I am applying for this STEM Teacher Internship programme because I want to develop my knowledge and learn more about the industries that are of interest to me. I hope to develop new skills that I can take back into the classroom, to help shape children’s minds and help them understand and appreciate the different areas of STEM. As well as the relevance and importance they have on our lives today. I hope that this programme can help me learn valuable skills that I can’t learn from a book but only from fully immersing myself in the experience .

Patricia Dunne
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