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Ciarán Fleming

Tell us about yourself

Hello! I’m Ciarán Fleming. I’m from Terenure, County Dublin. I am studying a BSc in Science Education in DCU. I have just completed my 3rd year in the course. My specialism subjects are maths and physics.

Why did you apply for the STInt Programme?

I have always been interested in working with a large corporation and the STInt Programme is a unique opportunity that will provide many benefits to me when I am a teacher of STEM subjects. This internship presents a chance to learn through working in an environment where science is the backbone of the workplace. This will give me a great insight into STEM careers. The experiences gained from this programme will enhance my appreciation for the science industry, which I will be promoting to my students as a teacher of STEM subjects.

Where are you doing your ‘STInt’ in industry?

I am delighted to have been offered a role at APC & VLE Therapeutics for summer 2021! APC are a drug process development company located in Cherrywood Business Park, Dublin 18, while VLE Therapeutics are a partnering company who support the manufacture of vaccines and advanced therapeutics for clinical and commercial supply. I will be joining the team within the Learning, Development and Improvement Section to help with the development of technical training programmes. 

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