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Microsoft Ireland And The STInt Programme Join Forces As Dream Space Opens Its Doors To Interns

Microsoft Ireland and the STInt programme join forces as Dream Space opens its doors to Interns

On the 29th of June, the STEM Teacher Internship (STInt) Programme’s 2022 interns took part in a day long workshop hosted by Amanda Joliffe, Corey Hughes and their team in the Microsoft Dream Space. This workshop was designed to improve and increase teacher’s confidence when using technology in the classroom and incorporated different activities throughout the day which focused on critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity skills.

The workshop began with a computational thinking exercise using Microbits to programme simple tasks. Before lunch, the STInt interns completed the second phase of the STInt evaluation study before moving into an afternoon workshop focused on how to incorporate game-based learning in the classroom. Everyone had a lot of fun developing their own arcade game using Make Code Arcade.

Dream Space at Microsoft Ireland provides immersive, research-based STEM experiences for students, teachers and communities to enhance their STEM skills alongside crucial social-emotional skills such as empathy, creativity, ethical decision making and collaboration. Dream Space empowers everyone to see the power of digital technology and STEM in exciting new ways and the crucial role that these areas have now and into the future. Keep up to date with Dream Space by following the team on Twitter @MS_eduIRL or access their teaching resources at

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