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STInt Programme Director Prof. Deirdre Butler And STInt Alumni Niamh O’Malley Talk To Teachers Inspire Podcast

STInt Programme Director Prof. Deirdre Butler and STInt Alumni Niamh O’Malley talk to Teachers Inspire podcast

Episode 11, Why inclusion in education matters

In this episode of the Teacher Inspire podcast Louise hears about a unique programme that DCU offers student teachers at primary and secondary level. The STEM Teacher Internship Programme – known as (STInt) – provides 12-week paid summer internships in STEM roles.

Professor Deirdre Butler from the school of STEM Education, Innovation and Global Studies tells Louise the programme, “is actually globally unique.” She explains what makes it unique and outlines the positives for the student teachers, the students they go on to teach and how the STEM industries also benefit. Louise chats to primary school teacher Niamh O’Malley who has completed two STInt placements, in Microsoft and with ESB. Guests from the companies involved are often invited to visit classrooms. Niamh says it has helped break misconceptions about “female jobs and male jobs” and she said, “a big part of it is breaking those kinds of barriers and letting children know that they can be whatever they want.”

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