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Shannon Kelly

Tell us about yourself

Hi there! I’m from Roscommon but I studied in Maynooth for five years. I graduated in 2020 with a Bachelor of science with education. I specialised in biology and physics. This year, I graduated from the Post Masters of Education (PME).

Tell us about your ‘STInt’ in industry

I really enjoyed my time with Deloitte. I learned so much which will positively influence my classroom!

STInt host

At Deloitte, it’s our people who make us succeed. We value you and everything you can bring to our business.

Technology is all-encompassing, and it is growing exponentially. This is forcing business change at a faster rate than  ever before and leading to tough questions: “How can we establish a digital presence with our tech-savvy  customers?”, “What consideration should we be giving to cloud computing?”, “How can we best integrate our legacy  and modern systems?”

Navigating the pitfalls and complexities of these questions requires a measured combination of technical expertise  and management capability – this is where Deloitte’s Technology Consultants step in. We work alongside our clients  to help bridge the gap between their business needs and technology requirements, and ultimately deliver  technology solutions that meet their most pressing demands.

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