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Áine Madden

Tell us about yourself

Hi there, I’m Áine! I’m from Galway and/but have been living in Dublin while I’m in college. I have just finished up my third year in the Bachelor of Education in DCU. My specialism subject is Digital Learning. 

Tell us about your ‘STInt’ in industry

I had an amazing experience working in Eirgrid as a STEM Teacher Intern. Eirgrid were very supportive throughout the experience and helped me learn in areas that interested me. I have developed so many skills that will help me throughout my career. I am also more aware of how many STEM career opportunities that I could take advantage of in the future. I was able to make connections and build relationships with people that I never would have without this experience. It allowed me to broaden my experience which will definitely stand to me in the classroom.

STInt Host

We are the people behind Ireland’s national electricity grid. We make sure that every home, business, school, hospital, factory and farm has power – when and where they need it. And that’s just the beginning of our story. We are now transforming the power system for future generations. Be part of the change.

Our 2020 – 25 strategy is shaped by climate change and the transition of the electricity sector to low-carbon, renewable energy. We have a unique role to play in leading the radical transformation that is required. Our strategy sums up our response to these challenges. It consists of a set of key goals, underpinned by our purpose to Transform the Power System for Future Generations.

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