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Serena O'Connor

Tell us about yourself

Hi there, I’m Serena! I’m from Dublin. I graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 2018 with a BA degree in Engineering and I have just completed my final year of a BSc degree in Maths, Physics and Education at University College Dublin (UCD). I will be starting my MSc in Maths and Science Education at UCD very soon.

Tell us about your ‘STInt’ in industry

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Dunsink Observatory, my internship allowed me to combine my love of teaching with my love of space science, and I am so grateful for the support and encouragement I received from my supervisors at Dunsink.

STInt Host

The Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS) conducts advanced research exploring big questions of the 21st century and beyond. Its research gains insights into Celtic society and its legacy; progresses our understanding of our island, our planet and the universe; and deciphers the underpinning mathematical principles of nature. DIAS Dunsink Observatory is part of the DIAS School of Cosmic Physics Astronomy and Astrophysics Section. Dunsink is a designated European site of historical significance for physics and has been a centre for astronomical research and public engagement in Ireland since its foundation in 1785.

Teaching resources created with DIAS at Dunsink Observatory
DIAS Dunsink Observatory
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