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DIAS Dunsink Observatory

Host Introduction

The Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS) conducts advanced research exploring big questions of the 21st century and beyond. Its research gains insights into Celtic society and its legacy; progresses our understanding of our island, our planet and the universe; and deciphers the underpinning mathematical principles of nature. DIAS Dunsink Observatory is part of the DIAS School of Cosmic Physics Astronomy and Astrophysics Section. Dunsink is a designated European site of historical significance for physics and has been a centre for astronomical research and public engagement in Ireland since its foundation in 1785.

STEM Teacher Intern Role

The STInt intern will develop space themed educational resources for the DIAS Dunsink Observatory website ( The resources will be based on astronomy activities at the observatory both past and present.

The STInt intern will talk to DIAS astrophysicists to identify areas of astronomical research that might be relevant to primary/secondary curricula, and build upon resources created for the I-LOFAR Astronomical Midlands Project (, which the DIAS team is involved in. 

DIAS Dunsink Observatory

Participating Years

2021, 2022

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