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Neeve Hyland

Tell us about your 'STInt' in industry

It gave me the opportunity to work on a research project which linked in heavily with my degree. I was able to use my knowledge from B.Ed course to create the project. It allowed me to reach out to different teams within Microsoft and get feedback from many different people within Microsoft including colleagues from the US. It allowed me to create a resource for the Microsoft Educator Center webpage which I can use back in the classroom. It gave me the opportunity to work with different people from all over the company during Hackathon in which we created an award winning idea which is our ideas are being used by Microsoft Education Teams team.

STInt Host


Microsoft Ireland:  2,000 people. 71 different nationalities. One Campus situated in Leopardstown, Dublin. At Microsoft, our mission is to empower every person and organisation to do and achieve more, not just here in Ireland, but right across the world. From software development, program management, service engineering, testing and localisation to operations, finance, HR and sales & marketing for Europe, Middle East and Africa, our ambition is to help everyone, through the power of technology.

Teaching resources created while at Microsoft

Early Christian Ireland Monasteries in Minecraft Education

With this resource, educators will be able to enhance students learning of Early Christian Ireland Monasteries through Minecraft: Education Edition.

The resource materials provided will support educators by:

  • Providing guidance and building criteria for students to design and build their own monastery in Minecraft: Education Edition.
  • Showcasing the code connection add on for Minecraft:Education Edition
  • Providing coding challenges that link with the monastery challenge in Minecraft.

Early Christian Ireland is an aspect of the Irish primary school curriculum. However, this resource can be used by educators around the world to help them understand a history specific lesson in Minecraft Education.

Neeve Hyland
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