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Michael Barrett

Tell us about your 'STInt' in industry

I recommend this opportunity to as many people as I can. Both the professional and life experience you gain during this internship will help develop you as a person, which in turn enhances your ability to teach confidently.

Interns in Microsoft are given the opportunity to apply their teaching skills and knowledge in a whole new context. During my time with Microsoft, I explored ways of using Teams to help enhance remote collaboration between students and brought this idea to life during the annual Hackathon for employees.

STInt Host

Microsoft Ireland:  2,000 people. 71 different nationalities. One Campus situated in Leopardstown, Dublin. At Microsoft, our mission is to empower every person and organisation to do and achieve more, not just here in Ireland, but right across the world. From software development, program management, service engineering, testing and localisation to operations, finance, HR and sales & marketing for Europe, Middle East and Africa, our ambition is to help everyone, through the power of technology.

Teaching resources created while at Microsoft

Using Pixel Art to bring characters to life in MakeCode Arcade

MakeCode Arcade will allow students the creative freedom to create their very own retro Arcade games. Students will also be learning to code in the process. This resource will help you to guide students learning about pixel art, what pixels are, character creation and how all of this works and looks in MakeCode Arcade!

In MakeCode Arcade, students can use pixel art to create sprite types. For example, the players, enemies and even the food we collect in the games we make.

With the resources here, an educator can assist students to do the following:

  1. Recognise the importance of pixel quantity in digital images, graphics and games.
  2. Design pixel art characters using various amounts of pixels and colours.
  3. Use MakeCode Arcade to make pixel art sprites and characters for your future games.

These resources were designed with the Irish curriculum in mind but can be used and adapted by educators from around the world. Game on!

Michael Barrett
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