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Mark Mannion

Tell us about yourself

Hi, I’m Mark! I am a graduate from the Professional Master of Education programme in University College Dublin in 2020, I am now furthering my education through a Masters in Science in Digital Education from the University of Edinburgh. With a keen interest and passion in learning & development, digital literacy, and educational technology, I desire industry experience that can better my ability and ensure students of the future are equipped with the necessary skills for an increasingly digital world.

I applied to the STInt Programme because...

I want to bring my two passions of Teaching and Technology together in the classroom so that I can ensure my students are equipped with the skills necessary for an increasingly digital world and workplace. I believe that teachers are the catalysts for this change and that we can only prepare our students for these real world contexts when we have had hands on experience in the industry ourselves.

The STEM Teacher Internship Programme will provide me with an ideal opportunity to acquire an invaluable experience while remaining committed to my job as a teacher during the academic year. I look forward to bringing what I will learn from these industry leaders back to the classroom to provide engaging STEM based learning activities that are grounded in practical and applicable scenarios I have encountered.

Mark Mannion
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