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Mark Huston

Tell us about yourself

Hello there, I’m Mark! I’m from Letterkenny, Co. Donegal and have been living in Maynooth, Co. Kildare now for nearly 5 years. I graduated from Maynooth University in 2020 with a BSc Science with Education. My specialism subjects were Mathematics & Biology. I’m now in my second year of a Professional Master of Education at Maynooth University.

Why did you apply for the STInt Programme?

For a variety of reasons! Firstly, despite my desire to be a teacher from a young age, I’ve always wanted to work in a corporate environment. I have also always dreamed of getting an opportunity to explore the different skills & career paths that STEM subjects offer in the world outside of the classroom. When I chose teaching as my career path, this is a dream I thought I’d never get to fulfil, until I discovered the opportunity that the STEM Internship programme provides.

Where are you doing your ‘STInt’ in industry?

I’m delighted to have accepted a role at AbbVie Pharmaceutical & Research Development for summer 2021. AbbVie are a research-driven biopharmaceutical company based in Co. Sligo. My internship will most likely be done remotely but may move to a hybrid style of working later in the summer – I’d love to go on site and see what it’s like.

I’ve spoken to the team already and have been assigned a ‘buddy’ who has been fantastic at answering any and all my questions. I’ve been given an overview of some of the work I can expect to be doing too. Some examples are to review and evaluate AbbVie’s approach to STEM engagement, plan a virtual knowledge sharing session with Guidance Counsellors from the North West Region and work with a project team on planning for 2021 Sligo Science Festival.

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