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Stephen Jackson

Tell us about yourself

Hi, I’m Stephen! I’m from Ballina and have been living in Dublin now for nearly 4 years. I am currently in final year of the B.Ed (Primary) at St. Patrick’s College, DCU. My specialism subject is Mathematics Education. I’m now in my final year of the of the programme and looking forward to starting my career as a newly qualified teacher in the coming academic year.

Why did you apply for the STInt Programme?

I applied to the STEM Teacher Internship programme to broaden my understanding of the opportunities for STEM as a career and to develop a bank of approaches and strategies which I could employ in the classroom to show the future pupils that I will teach, the range of future career and academic opportunities that STEM can provide. I hope to use the insight I gain from this Internship programme to positively influence my approach to teaching STEM subjects in primary school. Not only that, but I hope to use these insights to show children the possible skills and dispositions they may need in such STEM careers, and additionally, the range of different careers which present themselves in STEM.

Where are you doing your ‘STInt’ in industry?

I’m delighted to have accepted a role at Accenture for summer 2021. Accenture is a company which provide services in consulting, interactive, technology and operations, to help clients improve their performance across their enterprises. Accenture is based in Dublin. My internship will most likely be done remotely but may move to a hybrid style of working later in the summer – I’d love to go on site and see what it’s like.

I’ve spoken to the team already and have been given an insight into some of the things I will be doing, the majority of which will consist of working with a client to help improve their performance in their respective enterprise. The team have been fantastic at answering any and all of my questions, and I am really looking forward to working with them during the summer.

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