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Lucy Greene

Tell us about yourself

Hi I’m Lucy! I’m from Dublin and I have just graduated from UCD with a BSc in Biology, Mathematics and Education. This is part of UCD’s concurrent degree pathway which means next year I will be completing a one year MSc in Biology & Mathematics Education with UCD to fully qualify as a teacher.

Why did you apply for the STInt Programme?

I applied for the STInt Programme for a variety of reasons. Since being in secondary school I have had a passion for STEM. When I chose to go down the teaching route, I was still left wondering what working in industry would be like. This internship gives me the opportunity to learn from one of the leading STEM companies in Ireland and see what life is like in the corporate world. I also believe this internship will be an incredible tool to use within my classroom. I believe in making the content I teach applicable and accessible to real life for my students, and to be able to speak about my experience working in industry would be incredible. 

Where are you doing your ‘STInt’ in industry?

I’m thrilled to have accepted a role at MSD Ireland. MSD Ireland is one of the country’s leading healthcare companies, having first established here over 50 years ago and is now based in Co. Carlow. It’s looking likely that I will be working in a blended role, spending some time remote at home in Dublin and some time on site in Carlow. I can’t wait to see what the site is like and learn about how it works.

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