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Emer Hegarty

Tell us about yourself
Hi, I’m Emer! I’m from Kildare. I have just finished my Professional Masters of Education in Maynooth University and I specialised in Phsyics and Biology.
I applied to the STInt Programme because...

I wanted to gain new skills and do something that was completely different to being in the classroom.

Tell us about your STInt in Industry

During my time at Jabil, I got to move around to all the different departments and learn the process from start to finish. I got to be involved in a team in each area which allowed me to get to know lots of people and make friends along the way. The experience of working with a team and within industry will definitely stick with me and I’ve learned lots of new skills that I can incorporate into my teaching.

STInt host

Jabil was founded in 1966.  It has over 260,000 employees worldwide at 100 plus sites strategically located around the world.  There are three locations in Ireland.  The Dublin site launched in October 2018.  We build servers for our customers and have approximately 400 employees in Dublin.

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