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Caolan Crowe

Tell us about yourself

Hello, My name is Caolan Crowe, I’m from Co. Clare. I am currently a third year studying Bachelor of Technology (Education) in Graphics and Construction Technology concurrent with Teacher Education at the University of Limerick. I take great interest in my course so I think this would be a great experience for me and I would love to be given the opportunity to work with one of these organisations.

I applied to the STInt Programme because...

After seeing the video on the STEM Teacher Internship programme I was highly motivated to apply for the programme. I love the idea of teaching my students everyday life skills that they will need to pursue a future in STEM. I think this is essential in all schools. I have also completed a PowerPoint in college as part of an assignment that listed great practical examples of every day life skills that students should be taught.

STInt host

ESB is Ireland’s foremost energy company. We have been supplying power to industry, communities and individuals for 90 years. Through innovation, expertise and investment, we are leading the way in developing smart and sustainable energy systems to meet the demands of modern life, both at home and overseas, making us a vital part of building a brighter, more sustainable future.

At ESB, we believe that electricity is an enabler of societal and economic well-being and that every citizen should have access to secure, sustainable and affordable electricity supplies.  We are harnessing all our resources for a brighter future, investing in our people and working collaboratively with partners to enhance the lives of our customers, drive economic progress and bring about a more sustainable future.

Caolan Crowe
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