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Arlene McCrudden

Tell us about yourself

Hi , I’m Arlene! I’m a Primary school teacher. I attended Dublin City University and graduated with a Bachelor of Education in 2019. I strive for a high level of professionalism and I am constantly trying to evolve as an educator. I have a high interest in the area of digital learning and computational materials. I engage in reflective practice often as It keeps my lessons interesting and my students engaged. The STint programme would help me progress in my career and develop new skills.

I applied to the STInt Programme because...

Last year , I got accepted to the STint programme and attended the meet and greet in DCU and engaged fully up to the point where I found out, that due to personal reasons, I could no longer participate. This year I hope to engage wholeheartedly with the programme. I think it is a fantastic programme and I admire how much it has evolved even in a single year with companies and locations. I think it is an exciting opportunity for teachers to try a different professional field and develop professional skills to bring back to their educational role.

Arlene McCrudden
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