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Adam Goodwin

Tell us about yourself

Hi, I’m Adam and I’m studying to be a Computer Science and Mathematics teacher in UCD! I have previous experience in applying my subjects through data analysis work, and with this internship I am looking to broaden my understanding of how Computer Science and Mathematics can be used in the professional world.

Whether being involved with the creation of new software or hardware solutions to existing problems, or being a part of the teams using these tools to apply data-driven decision making in fields like consulting or finance, I believe that this internship will inform my teaching and expose me to further uses and applications of my subject specialisms.

I applied to the STInt Programme because...

It is important to me that my teaching reflects the best practices of the industries they represent, and that students can get the most accurate portrait of what studying and working in a given field is like. Working as a STEM Teacher intern allows me to see how the knowledge I am teaching is used in the workplace, and highlight ways to teach it that allow students to leverage their time in my classroom into future success.

The companies I have indicated a preference for use both Mathematics and Computer Science in their daily work, and I am very interested to learn more about how  companies use the lessons I teach in my classroom to satisfy their requirements in the workplace.

STInt host

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Adam Goodwin
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