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National Transport Authority

Host Introduction

The National Transport Authority (NTA) is a statutory non-commercial body, which operates under the aegis of the Department of Transport. Established in 2009, the NTA is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to provide high quality, accessible, sustainable transport across Ireland. One of the primary statutory functions of NTA is to develop and implement a transport strategy for the Greater Dublin Area, and the Authority is also closely involved in developing transport strategies in our regional cities. NTA funds and oversees Public Service Obligation (PSO) public transport, ensuring that vital bus and rail services are available to communities in all parts of the country under the Transport for Ireland brand. NTA is also the licensing authority for the commercial bus sector and Small Public Service
Vehicles (SPSVs).

STEM Teacher Intern Role

Following a comprehensive induction, NTA STInt Interns will become active and valued members of our organisation.

At the NTA, we employ people from science, engineering, business, technology, communications and many other backgrounds, who work across the Directorates outlined below. Every effort will be made to provide STInt Intern opportunities in the business area most aligned with the interests of the intern.

NTA Directorates
 Transport Planning & Investment,
 Public Transport Services
 Finance & Corporate Services
 Public Transport Regulation
 Transport Technology
 Chief Information Officer Directorate

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