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Cyber Skills

Host Introduction

Cyber Skills provides online cybersecurity education through university accredited pathways and micro-credentials in order to upskill the workforce against cybersecurity threats and attacks. The Cyber Skills team has three SFI National Challenge Fund Research Projects that aim to improve Ireland’s Cyber Resilience, for Industry, SMEs and also Older Adults. The Education and Public Engagement Programme aims to inform young people and their parents about careers in cybersecurity through the Cyber Security Academy, events and the Cyber Futures. website.

STEM Teacher Intern Role

The Interns will support the Cyber Skill operations team, working mainly on the Education and Public Engagement programme. The interns will gain a mix of technical programming and educational oversight experience. Their main contact points will be Education and Public Engagement Manager Aoife Long and Project Manager Jackie Kehoe who will provide mentoring and support throughout the role. The interns will have desks at the Nimbus Research Centre in Bishopstown Cork.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Support the Cyber Security Academy by acting as Lab Assistants. Training will be provided in advance so that the Student Interns are able to respond to student queries during lab sessions.
  • Support CyberSkills Research. These projects will be in the ’Seed’ phase and the Interns will provide support for data collection and analysis with guidance from the research teams.
  • Revise the Cyber Futures & Cyber Skills website. These websites are run using the Terminal Four Content Management System, which is based on html script. With support and mentoring from the Cyber Skills Project Manager the interns will review the structure of the website to improve the efficiency of operation and ability to edit future iterations.
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Participating Years

2023, 2024

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