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Host Introduction

BiOrbic, Bioeconomy SFI Research Centre is a collaboration of over 100 researchers at a number of institutions across Ireland. It’s focus is research that contributes to a ‘sustainable, circular bioeconomy’. This means ensuring that all application of Ireland’s natural resources is waste free and sustains our environment. As well as excelling in research, BiOrbic aims to engage rural communities and schools as the drivers of and future leaders within the bioeconomy.

STEM Teacher Intern Role

This role will be an opportunity to gain perspective on the future of Ireland’s bioeconomy. You will be able to explore how research will impact key industries for rural communities, as well as the new jobs this may provide for the next generation. Combining this with your existing pedagogical knowledge, you will develop resources, activities and written communication to engage rural communities and young people with BiOrbic’s research. You will work with and be supported by the Education, Engagement and Communications (EPE) Manager in all activities but will be encouraged to tailor and drive the internship according to your own professional goals.

Participating Years


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