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Host Introduction

At Xilinx, we are leading the industry transformation to build an adaptable, intelligent world. Are you bold, collaborative, and creative? We develop leaders and innovators who want to revolutionize the world of technology. We believe that by embracing diverse ideas, pushing boundaries, and working together as ONEXILINX, anything is possible.

Our culture of innovation began with the invention of the Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), and with the 2018 introduction of our Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform (ACAP), has made a quantum leap in capability, solidifying our role as the adaptable platform supplier of choice. From the beginning, we have always believed in providing inventors with products and platforms that are infinitely adaptable. From self-driving cars, to world-record genome processing, to AI and big data, to the world’s first 5G networks, we empower the world’s builders and visionaries whose ideas solve every day problems and improve people’s lives.

At Xilinx, we care deeply about creating significant development experiences while building a strong sense of belonging and connection. We champion an environment of empowered learning, wellness, community engagement, and recognition, so you can focus on work that matters – world class technology that improves the way we live and work. We are ONEXILINX.

Xilinx makes a type of computer chip which is used by many different companies as part of their systems, such as communications satellites, the NASA ‘Curiosity’ Mars Rover, Twitch and mobile phone networks. What we make can be used to solve many engineering problems, and we hope to give a good basic understanding of that to you as part of your internship.

The STEM Teacher internship will give you experience of working with real electronic devices and the chance to complete real hands-on projects which can be transferred to the classroom, allowing you to give schoolkids a starting introduction to technology. It will also give you in introduction to basic computer programming, using Python or another suitable language and an understanding of the steps needed to design, manufacture and sell computer chips, including the chance to interact with the other engineering teams working at the Dublin site.

You will find that working with us is fun and interesting with plenty of help available for when you have questions. Your projects will be challenging but achievable, and when completed will provide ideas and material suitable for use in teaching.

Participating Years

2020, 2021, 2022

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