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Samantha Quinn

Tell us about yourself

Hi I’m Samantha from Galway. I am currently studying my Bachelor of Science with concurrent Teacher Education at the University of Limerick. My subject specialisms are Biology and Agricultural Science. I am interested in this programme as I hope to be able to bring useful and effective STEM skills into the classroom for my students.

I applied to the STInt Programme because...

I am applying for a STEM internship to gain industry experience that I will be able to bring into my classroom. I think that a STEM internship would bring me a new and challenging experience. I hope to gain many different skills that will enhance my teaching ability and I would love the opportunity to meet new people and develop my professional network. I think that I owe it to my students to be able to bring real world experiences into the classroom and a STEM internship would give me this opportunity.

STInt Host...

Medtronic has been present in Ireland since 1999, having acquired a cardiovascular business established there since 1982. Medtronic’s Galway site is a Centre of Excellence for the development and manufacture of a number of the Medtronic’s key medical technologies for the treatment and management of cardiovascular and cardiac rhythm diseases. Today over 4000 people are employed in Ireland with most of the company’s employees working at the facility in Parkmore Galway, including over 100 dedicated to research and development.

Imagine playing a role in changing what it means to live with chronic disease. At Medtronic, you can. We’re creating technologies that treat chronic disease in new ways so people can live better and longer. We didn’t become a global leader by sitting on the sidelines. We’re actively involved in shaping the industry and transforming technologies, so physicians have what they need to help their patients move forward with life. Our vision requires bold leaders. If you want a career that is challenging, energizing and rewarding, we hope you’ll consider joining us as we push the boundaries of medical technology.

As the world’s largest medical technology company, we offer opportunities in numerous geographies, technologies, therapies and functional areas.

Samantha Quinn
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