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Ria Brennan

Tell us about yourself

Hi I’m Ria and I’m from Kildare! I am currently in my third year of studying Science Education in Dublin City University, which I will be graduating in 2024. I am specializing in both Chemistry and Physics as I thoroughly enjoy Science and solving problems.

I have always wanted to become a teacher as I am passionate about using Science and Mathematics to create a positive environment of growth and endless opportunities for students in the classroom. I want to gain a new insight and skills from this unique internship program in order to use this experience to enhance my teaching and inspire students to pursue science.

I applied to the STInt Programme because...

The STEM Teacher Internship program is an excellent opportunity for individuals such as myself who are passionate about Teaching and Science.

I am applying for this program as it offers a unique chance to gain hands-on experience in STEM areas, in which can be used to enhance my teaching of STEM subjects in secondary schools. This internship will allow me to contribute to the development of the next generation of STEM professionals, It can help me gain practical experience, improve their teaching skills, and therefore make a difference in the lives of students creating a positive impact on society.

Ria Brennan
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