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Kevin O'Donnell

Tell us about yourself

Hi, my name is Kevin. I am from Donegal and currently in my fourth year of the Bachelor of Science with Education degree at Maynooth University. My subject specialties are Physics and Maths. In taking part in the STInt programme, I hope to gain valuable experience in industry that both furthers my knowledge of science/technology and offers insight that I can bring into my classroom to help engage students and illustrate potential career options.

I applied to the STInt Programme because...

I am applying to the STEM Internship programme as I feel it is important that STEM teachers are able to relate the content they are teaching to real life experiences in industry and this internship is a perfect opportunity for this. Having industry experience is beneficial to both the teacher and the students, it can help engage students effectively by showing possible career options or simply the applications of Science and Technology in Ireland.

I also feel that as a student teacher, I can offer ideas and experience to companies. Having an intern who has teaching experience can offer insightful perspectives with relation to presenting the valuable work of the company to secondary schools or designing materials for open days, Science week and other events.

Kevin O'Donnell
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