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James Webb

Tell us about yourself

Hello, My name is James Webb and I chose to pursue the Bachelor of Arts (Mathematics and Education) degree in University of Galway for my undergraduate studies. Growing up I was always the most engaged in the Mathematics classroom. Any activity involving problem solving, puzzles or Mathematics intrigues me. 

What I hope to gain from the STEM Teacher Internship Programme is an insight of mathematics in the real world and how I can use this knowledge to better convey to my students the everyday applications of the Mathematics they do in the classroom.

I applied to the STInt Programme because...

My goal is to become the best teacher that I can possibly be, by learning new things that I can bring to the classroom so I can make Mathematics an attractive subject to study. The STEM internship is a brilliant learning experiences and that is why I am applying. My plan for the summer of 2023 is to get an internship. Although my previous summer jobs have definitely been beneficial to me, It is now time to try something new, something that will help with the career that I want to pursue. This led me to finding the right internship. The companies at the careers fairs offered a lot of internships but the one that is the best fit for me is the STEM Teacher Internship. This internship ticks all my boxes; a chance to apply my skills in a STEM job, gaining a new real world mathematical experience and an environment that I can learn from and use to make my Mathematics classes more insightful going forward.

STInt Host...

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James Webb
Fidelity Investments
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