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Eric Fenton

Tell us about yourself

My name is Eric Fenton and I am in the University of Limerick studying the Bachelor of Science with concurrent Teacher Education. My subject specialisms are Biology and Physics. I have a keen regard to industry which was furthered by my time working in such when in construction, I spent time in the food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing before returning to education to pursue my current degree.

My interests in science are heavily rooted in biology and physics, the idea of helping others through medical devices and biopharmaceuticals especially.

I would hope to acquire useful experience that I could use to aid my students in the classroom. I feel having an actual experience of such would allow me to be more informed and be the guide that I should be to future students/aspiring scientists.

I applied to the STInt Programme because...

I feel this gives an insight to an industry setting that I would not be able to access without a programme like this. I also enjoy meeting and working with people from all backgrounds, due to this programme I would expect it gives a clear path to involving industry in class elements.

STInt Host...

Janssen Sciences Ireland UC , established in Ringaskiddy in 2005, develops and produces innovative cancer treatments and biomedicines that treat immune related diseases. Janssen is a global leader in the field of biomedicines, in particular pioneering monoclonal antibody technology, a cutting-edge approach to producing medicines that have launched a new generation of products to treat immune related diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and plaque psoriasis. Janssen Sciences Ireland is a Global Centre of Excellence for Clinical Drug Substance and Drug Product Release and Stability Management. Its manufacturing and operational excellence has been recognized through the receipt of ‘Industry 4.0 Light-house’ designation by the World Economic Forum.

Eric Fenton
Janssen Sciences
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