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Ellen Morgan

Tell us about yourself

Hi, I’m Ellen! I’m from Castleknock and have been living here since I was born. I graduated from Maynooth University in 2020 with a Masters in Education. My specialism subjects were Mathematics and Biology. I’m now in working as a post primary teacher and have been for a year.

Why did you apply for the STInt Programme?

I applied to the STEM internship in order to broaden my experience of the working environment. Having graduated from college in 2020, I began working as a teacher immediately. I’ve always been interested in experiencing different careers in order to broaden my knowledge, expand on life experiences and determine my strengths. 

I’m really excited about this opportunity because I think it will give me exposure to thinking about new aspects in STEM which interest me. This may prompt me to complete further studies in these areas or highlight areas I could promote to students through extracurricular activities.

Where are you doing your ‘STInt’ in industry?

I’m delighted to have accepted a role at PwC for summer 2021. PwC are a professional network services company based in Dublin. My internship will most likely be done remotely but may move to a hybrid style of working later in the summer. 

I’ve spoken to the team already and have been assigned a ‘buddy’ who has been fantastic at answering any and all my questions. I look forward at getting an insight into Technology Consulting and seeing what the world of Finance has to offer.

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