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Ellen Foran

Tell us about yourself

Hi, I’m Ellen! I am currently completing my final year of my Bachelor of Science with a concurrent Bachelor of Education at University College Cork. My specialism subjects are Biology and Science. I am very keen to expand my knowledge not only in my specialism subjects but also beyond these subjects. I hope to gain the opportunity to experience a new learning environment that will better inform my teaching. I hope that I can gain a better understanding of the real-life skills that my students will need in future STEM careers.

I think this experience will be a great opportunity to enhance my technological skills and knowledge within an enriching and positive environment. I hope that I will learn a variety of new skills and build connections that will aid me in developing innovative ideas for teaching and learning in my classroom to inspire students to create a future career in the STEM sector.

I applied to the STInt Programme because...

I have a love for learning and problem-solving. I enjoy challenging myself whilst seeking constant self-improvement within my teaching abilities. I am looking to expand my knowledge and experience in all areas of STEM to promote my teaching career and ensure my students are being taught by a highly qualified science teacher.

I would like to see how exciting STEM internships can be and to use this knowledge to push my students to excellence. While I can teach Biology and Science, I am eager to have the opportunity to gain a new experience within industry. I will undoubtedly gain numerous skills in a diverse range of areas. I think the more diverse experiences I can engage with the better as it will help me to develop into a more well-rounded teacher in all the STEM subjects secondary schools have to offer.

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Ellen Foran
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