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Colm O'Rourke

Tell us about yourself

Hi there, My Name is Colm I’m from Sligo, but I have been living in Drumcondra for the past four academic years. I have just finished my final year in Primary Teaching at DCU and I am due to graduate this Autumn. The area I chose to specialise in during my degree was Digital Learning. 

Tell us about your ‘STInt’ in industry

I cannot recommend this STEM Teacher internship Programme enough, I was lucky enough to work with Microsoft during the 12 weeks, This internship has provided me with a fantastic insight into how Major STEM industries work, I have seen and learned first-hand how important Communication and team work is within a STEM role. Although my 12 weeks with Microsoft were done completely remotely I really enjoyed my time, and learned a lot about the key attributes to a STEM role.

STInt host

Microsoft Ireland:  2,000 people. 71 different nationalities. One Campus situated in Leopardstown, Dublin. At Microsoft, our mission is to empower every person and organisation to do and achieve more, not just here in Ireland, but right across the world. From software development, program management, service engineering, testing and localisation to operations, finance, HR and sales & marketing for Europe, Middle East and Africa, our ambition is to help everyone, through the power of technology.

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