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Michaela Howell

Hi, My name is Michaela. I am in the final year of my Bachelor of Education degree at Dublin City University. My specialism subject is Mathematics Education.

Maggie Buckley

My name is Maggie Buckley. I am a third year Bachelor of Science student specialising in Chemistry and Physics in University of Limerick.

Michael Sherlock

Hi, I'm Michael. I am currently studying for my Professional Masters in Education at Maynooth University.

Nicole Carr

My name is Nicole, I am from Donegal but have been living in Kildare for 7 years now.

Nikoletta Kozma

My name is Nikoletta Kozma, I am currently studying mathematics and computer science with concurrent teachers education at the University of Limerick.

Olivia Diamond

My name is Olivia Diamond and I am in my first year of teaching having graduated with a Bachelor of Education degree from Dublin City University.

Iain Patterson

My name is Iain Patterson and I am currently in my final year of the Professional Masters of Education in UCD.

Grace Canning

My name is Grace Canning. I am a student at DCU studying to become a primary school teacher.

Katie Egan

Hi I'm Katie. I'm from county Laois. I am currently in my third year in University of Limerick studying to become an Engineering, Graphics and Technology teacher and hope to teach through Irish.

Kaitlyn Leogue

My name is Kaitlyn Leogue and I am student in Dublin City University studying Science Education with my majors in Chemistry and Mathematics.

Claire Egan

My name is Claire Egan. I am in my final year of a Bachelor of Science with Education at Maynooth University, specialising in Physics and Chemistry.

Jade Brennan

Hi, my name is Jade and I'm currently in my 3rd year of BSc of Science Education in the University of Limerick.
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