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Analog Devices

Host Introduction

Analog Devices is a semiconductor leader that bridges the physical and digital worlds to enable breakthroughs at the Intelligent Edge. Come join Analog Devices located in Cork, where you will be submerged in analog, digital, and software technologies that help drive advancements in digitized factories, mobility, and digital healthcare, combat climate change, and reliably connect humans and the world.

STEM Teacher Intern Role

When you join you will be an integral member of a team, you will be assigned a mentor who will guide you throughout the course of your internship. During this internship, you will

 Gain an understanding of what Analog Devices does, and the role of STEM within the broad career opportunities available.

 Enhance your knowledge of the different technologies Analog Devices has to offer and why STEM is important in this area.

 Help to review our STEM outreach activities and identify where we could extend this to help grow our talent pipeline.

 Get hands on experience of both hardware and software development, that can be leveraged and brought back to the classroom.

Participating Years


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