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Host Introduction

AMBER is a world-leading SFI Research Centre for Advanced Materials and BioEngineering Research, hosted at Trinity College Dublin, working collaboratively across nine Irish universities with over 60 industry partners. From climate change to personalised medicine, advanced materials and bioengineering research lies at the heart of solving many of the challenges facing 21st century society. AMBER represents a multidisciplinary partnership between the world’s top material scientists, bioengineers and industry working together to research and develop new materials for ICT, medical, energy and sustainable industrial technology applications.

STEM Teacher Intern Role

In this role, you will gain valuable insights into advanced materials science research at one of Ireland’s leading SFI Research Centres. As a member of our Education and Public Engagement team, you will work closely with the AMBER Education Manager to develop educational resources based on AMBER research activities, with a focus on ensuring these are inclusive and accessible for learners in all school contexts. Your role will include translation of materials from English into Irish. You will also have the opportunity to contribute to the design and delivery of various informal STEM public engagement activities. The internship will be customised to align with your professional interests, providing a unique opportunity for personal and career development.

Participating Years


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