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My internship at Accenture is an experience that I will never forget. As a PE and Biology teacher, I signed up for the STEM internship programme to up skill in the areas of technology and gain insight into the world of business. Naturally, I felt quite out of my comfort zone but my STEM team created a sense of comfort through their support and weekly catch up calls. I had an open space to share my worries each week with others who were feeling the same apprehensions. I was assigned to a Google client where I was faced with challenges on the testing side of their products. This knowledge has allowed me to share valuable information with my students who may want to work for Accenture or their counterparts. I have made countless contacts that will be of great benefit in my future profession. I would highly recommend taking part in such a worthwhile and meaningful programme “Challenges are what makes life interesting, but overcoming them makes life meaningful” – Kristen Kotsenas

At Accenture our STEM intern helped us develop initiatives to improve a programme for one of our clients. This role included brainstorming of ideas, understanding of the mindsets involved, development of initiatives, and user testing, bringing the project from concept to pilot.

Zara Kelly
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