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Gerard Bennett

Tell us about yourself

Hi! I am Gerard Bennett. I have an honors degree in Architectural Technology. I have worked in the profession for eight years working in various sectors including transport, healthcare, education and housing. In 2021, I began a Professional Master’s in Education with the hope of becoming a teacher in Technology subjects. I am interested in visual graphics and construction technology. I have carried out research, exploring the challenges and opportunities in STEM Education. I hope to gain a greater understanding of STEM education and how I can implement it into my lessons.

I applied to the STInt Programme because...

When working as an Architectural Technologist, I utilised different aspects from each of the STEM disciplines. This was important in order to solve complex problems and come up with innovative solutions. I have fist hand experience of STEM at work and working with other STEM professionals. It is because of this experience, I understand why it is essential. As I begin my teaching career, I want to work as hard as I can to deliver effective STEM education and highlight to my students the vast possibilities available to them from learning STEM.

STInt Host...

This internship programme provides third level students a placement opportunity here in Vodafone, over a 3 month period. This is a paid placement allowing students to gain experience working in a digital telco, to develop their existing skills and to gain new ones. Vodafone Ireland connects 2.3 million customers every day and is the single biggest investor in technology in the telecoms industry in Ireland.

Vodafone has also been voted one of the best places to work in Ireland, is the official sponsor of the Irish Rugby team and has a charity partnership with ALONE and Active Retirement Ireland. At Vodafone (10,001+ employees), we are known for our technology, but the truth is, it is humanity that drives our business forward. With the global pandemic raising so many questions for tech brands, it has highlighted the leading role that we need to play. We believe that, when working together, humanity and technology can find the answers and create a better future for all.

Working at Vodafone is all about helping people feel ready to benefit from new technology. We bring the future to even the most remote places, using technology to help families in disaster zones, showing young people that a phone is not just for fun and thinking about technology that doesn’t even exist yet. More than 35 years ago, we made the first-ever mobile phone call, we sent the first SMS in Britain and have been changing the lives of billions of people ever since. Now, we are using smartphones to fight cancer, big data for social good, and we aim to connect over 250 million people to our next generation networks by 2025.

We are passionate about building a workplace where you can truly be yourself, share inspiration, embrace new opportunities, thrive and make a real difference to people and our planet. We are known for our technology, but it is humanity that drives us forward.

Gerard Bennett
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