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Eimear Curtin

Tell us about yourself

Hi! I’m Eimear. I am a graduate of the BA programme from University College Cork. I am currently completing a Level 9 degree in the University of Galway to qualify as a post-primary teacher in Irish-Medium Education, teaching Mathematics and Irish. Throughout my academic, professional and personal experience I have always has an interest in leadership, management and research and aim to increase my skills across these areas through active participation in the STEM Teacher Internship programme.

I applied to the STInt Programme because...

The role of a teacher is to inspire curiosity and critical thinking – what type of teacher would I be if I am not constantly developing these skills in myself? I wish to partake in the STInt programme in order to be challenged and stimulated, to increase my skills in an industry setting and to grow in understanding of corporate life. This experience will undoubtedly help me when I return to the classroom.

My Mathematics students will enter a working world where the only certain element will be uncertainty and it is imperative that I am able to equip them with the skills needed to be active participants in the workforce and society. I also wish to ignite passion for the possibilities of a career in mathematics and encourage creative expression with mathematical tools, something the STInt programme will undoubtedly help me with.

Eimear Curtin
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